Charles R. Greene Jr.

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Founder, President Emeritus

Ph.D.: University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA (Electrical Engineering), 1978
B.S., M.S.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (Electrical Engineering), 1957

Charles R. Greene Jr. Ph.D.,  has worked on underwater acoustics research and engineering since 1959. Much of his earlier work was supported by the U.S. Navy and involved underwater noise and acoustic transmission loss experiments in the Arctic Ocean. Since 1980, he has worked with biologists studying the behavior of whales and fish exposed to industrial noise. In 1983 he founded Greeneridge Sciences to continue bioacoustics work. In 1995 he completed a project for the U.S. Minerals Management Service involving four field seasons at Barrow, Alaska, studying the influence of industrial sounds on migrating arctic whales in springtime. During that project and also during an earlier (1980-84) project for MMS, he provided and operated underwater sound sources that could be used to test the responses of bowhead whales. For four years beginning in 1996 he measured and described the pulsed sounds of airgun arrays operated in the Beaufort Sea during seismic surveys for hydrocarbon deposits. In support of this effort, he has developed and used autonomous seafloor recorders to store sound data for up to three weeks continuously during seismic surveys and bowhead whale migration. He is currently responsible for measuring the industrial sounds in air and underwater associated with the Northstar Development offshore near Prudhoe Bay and for monitoring acoustically the locations of calling bowhead whales passing Northstar during their fall migration. Dr. Greene is the author of three chapters on physical acoustics in the book Marine Mammals and Noise published by Academic Press in 1995. He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and serves on their Medals and Awards Committee. He is a member of NOAA Fisheries' panel of experts on noise standards for marine mammal exposure.  Download curriculum vitae (PDF, 142 KB).

Charles R. Greene Jr.

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