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Greeneridge Sciences Inc.

Acoustics Research and Monitoring


Greeneridge Sciences Inc. is a for-profit business dedicated to bioacoustic research. Our mission is to improve the understanding, monitoring, and mitigation of human acoustic impacts on marine wildlife.

Greeneridge offers comprehensive, experienced support for projects requiring monitoring and reporting of underwater sounds. Greeneridge staff have over 50 years of combined experience measuring and documenting underwater sounds from commercial, industrial, military, and biological sources. We adhere to academic quality standards, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and regularly presenting our work at scientific conferences.  

As instrument designers as well as users, Greeneridge staff routinely develop new software and hardware tools as needed to address project needs. These tools may be as simple as a few lines of code, or as complex as complete, self-contained seafloor acoustic recorders or multi-workstation sonobuoy monitoring systems.

In 2002 Greeneridge inaugurated a new brand, Acoustimetrics, to mark its introduction of the Bioacoustic Probe, a self-contained miniature acoustic recording instrument. In 2009 Acoustimetrics announced the Acousonde™, a new miniature recorder an order of magnitude more powerful than the Bioacoustic Probe. For more information on the Acousonde, please see the Acousonde™ web site.

Santa Barbara Headquarters:
90 Arnold Place, Suite D
Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA
Tel: 805.967.7720
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Satellite Offices:
Aptos, Felton & San Diego, CA